Breaking The Mold of Humdrum Training Programs and Boring Speeches

It is important to engage people quickly!

Each and every program, event or speech is designed to do just that. 

For me, team-building was something I have instinctively done since the first day of kindergarten. There I lead a group of girls' at recess right under the barbed-wired fence into the horse pasture, where we picked wild blackberries. The exact place the teacher told us not to go!

The desire to connect and to serve others has continued throughout my adult life. I believe it has been one of the cornerstones of my success in leadership training and team development.

In a world that moves with the speed of light it is imperative that "we" all, stay connected and mindful so enduring change can happen and positive growth isn't a by-product of some random method of engaging but a true implication of who we are at our core.  Good. Decent. Kind.

It is my passion and purpose, whether  I'm working for a fortune 500 company or a non-profit honing its message, that every encounter propels the teams I'm working with towards a greater impact in the communities they serve and the world they live in. 

BJ Davis